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Featured Content
  • Seven Steps to Your Goal

    Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    If you are like most writers on the job, your dream is to get consistently successful results with your writing. You want an immediate, complete reply to your email. You hope for a yes response to your recommendation. You would like each communication to be read and acted upon.

    Although we cannot control our readers’ behavior, we can easily adapt our writing to improve our results. Here are seven steps guaranteed to improve your chances of achieving your objectives.


  • Continued Performance Management Success

    Lynda Silsbee

    by Lynda Silsbee

    Many organizations define performance management -- procedures for monitoring employee performance -- narrowly or ignore it altogether. Manuals and related documentation usually languish 364 days each year. When day 365 arrives, supervisors and staff scramble to complete performance reviews and appraisal forms.


  • A Tip for Ending Complaints

    Jeffrey and Laurie Ford

    by Jeffrey and Laurie Ford

    Have you ever wanted to reduce, if not end, unproductive complaints?  One way to do that is to implement a policy that people only complain to those who can do something about the complaint.